Bigband, fast swing, based on George Bizet-motives, feat. the band, drums
published on CD JJO NRW 'Thirty', feat. Jens Golücke (dr)
Video: JJO NRW live, Domicil Dortmund, Knut Schäfer, design Schäfer, audio Peter Dohr


Mixed choir, soloists s, a + t, jazzorchestra,feat. div. instrumentalist (ts, tb, tpt, git)
A Lament, Dorian, Halleluia, Lines, My Heart, Perpetuum, Tid
Commisioned by the Norwegian Culture Council for the turn of the millennium. premiere at 'Trefoldighets Kirke', Arendal, 2000 performed by Arendal Bigband and Aust Agder Kammerkor. Conducted by Audun Dertz

De Profundis

Bigband, feat. bass-trombone, inspired by psalm 130
Commisioned by NDR, recorded by NDR Bigband feat. Ingo Lahme, bass trombone, April 14-16th 2002, Hamburg
'De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine. Exaudi vocem meam', Psalm 130


Bigband, in 7/4, feat. soprano sax
live recording 1995, KölnBigBand feat. Tore Brunborg


Bigband, Ballad feat. Tenorsaxophone
published on CD/LP KölnBigBand 'N', feat. Bendik Hofseth


Bigband, based on motives of 'Carmen', George Bizet, tango-like, feat. trombone
performed first time in 2003 by JJO NRW

Horns & Electric Rhythm

Bigband, jazz-rockish, feat. tenorsaxophone, trumpet
published on CD/LP KölnBigBand 'Update', feat. Jörg Kaufmann, Karl Farrent

Jazz Up

Bigband, driving up-tempo, feat. trumpet, tenorsax, drums
published on CD/LP KölnBigBand 'N', feat. Karl Farrent, Olivier Peters, Chad Wackerman

Jeg Er, Jeg Var

Bigband, ballad, nordic, feat. fluegelhorn or soprano saxophone
published on CD JJO NRW 'Way Up', feat. Konstantin Doeben (flgh), Marie Daniels (voc), Jakob Lüffe (p). rec. at Hansahaus-Studios by Klaus Genuit, 2011

Minimal Voyage

Bigband, minimal music, groove, nordic, feat. piano, soprano sax
live recording 1995, KölnBigBand, feat. Hendrik Soll, Tore Brunborg, also published on CD JJO NRW "Best of JJO', feat. Frank Kirchner